The cost of therapy is twofold

It means taking time out from usual activities, sometimes in a busy schedule of work, family and recreation. Although there can be some flexibility from week to week about the time of your session you need to allow for the time spent here and in travelling. You may also feel the need to take time to reflect on the session afterwards, perhaps in a local cafe, before rejoining a busy life schedule. Undertaking therapy may become pivotal in your life offering a fresh start, renewed meaningfulness in your relationships, or overcoming some feared aspect of life. 

An initial consultation will enable us to begin to understand your problems together. Therapy may be recommended, or some other form of assistance such as an advice form of counselling or medical consultation. It will be your decision to make, either at the end of the session or after some private reflection, whether you wish to take up an offer of sessions here.

Fees  Initial Consultation  £55.00 (one hour)

Individuals: £50 - £70 per session (50 mins)

Couples: £70 per session (60 mins)

Family Therapy: £95 per session (75mins)

Concessionary fees are available depending on personal circumstances. Please feel free to ask.

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