Couples therapy

I am trained and experienced in working with heterosexual and lesbian/gay couples using a psychodynamic model.

These sessions emphasise developing good listening and understanding between those present. Maintaining feelings of safety between people is important and progress needs to be made at a gentle pace. It gradually becomes possible to understand the dynamics that may in part arise from earlier life relationships, existing pressures from lifestyle or conflicting expectations. Sexual difficulties may be brought to light leading to new understanding.

Couples sessions normally take place at 2 - 3 weekly intervals

Confidential enquiries are welcome from anyone feeling concern about their present relationship.


Family therapy

I offer family therapy using the 'lifespan' systemic model. The sessions for family groups comprising all adults, or adults and children (up to 4 people), can be helpful where relationships have become troubled, disrupted or confrontational.

These sessions take place here in a large room where the participants sit around on comfy chairs with myself as facilitator/therapist. Play materials are available for children. The sessions can feel challenging for everyone but the emphasis is on making you feel safe; sometimes people rediscover the funful side of themselves as well as sharing deeper feelings and hurts from past events.  

Family therapy sessions normally take place at 2 - 3 weekly intervals to allow for some of the understanding to be put into practice between sessions.

Regretfully Family Therapy services are suspended due to Coronavirus precautions.


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